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What is ROGO? ROGO is "A Customizable Educational & Entertainment Platform"

The ultimate goal of the project is to build a microcontroller-powered rover capable of communication with a custom Android application through Bluetooth. The microcontroller will interpret and execute "Reduced-instruction LOGO-like" programs supplied by the user and send sensor data back to the mobile device.

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2013 Capstone Project, Southern Oregon University


Rogo with Laser

The ROGO rover platform started as a 2013 group capstone project for the Computer Science Department at Southern Oregon University. The goal behind the project was to improve our skills developing software and hardware solutions, while simultaneously designing the groundwork for an extensible robotic educational platform.

For this capstone project, we have designed and created wireless rovers which are directly controlled and programmed using Android phones and tablets. Each rover is initially equipped with basic sensors which can influence the rover's behavior.

The ROGO project is considered a "base-platform," that, once constructed, will provide users with a foundation for further additions, such as new AI behaviors, or additional hardware instruments. To keep costs minimal, the hardware portion of the project was constructed from accessible, low-cost parts. Additionally, the controlling software can be modified without much difficulty.

Arduino Unboxing

The rover is controlled by the popular open-source Arduino microcontroller. This allowed us to write a “C” program which handles basic movement functions, Bluetooth communication, and ROGO languge parsing. Commands are received in a custom designed reduced-instruction “ROGO” language, inspired by the popular educational language LOGO.

To issue commands to each rover, we have created an Android application which communicates programs and telemetry data between devices through a Bluetooth connection. The Android application supports both "real-time" control, which functions similarly to a remote control vehicle, as well as allowing users to construct valid ROGO scripts through an intuitive interface.

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Jeff Miller

Bachelor’s of Science: Computer Programming and Software
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Ryan Dempsey

Bachelor’s of Science: Computer Programming and Software
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Shaun Wolff

Bachelor’s of Science: Computer Security and Information Assurance
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