[W]ord [O]riented [L]inguistic [F]ramework Version 1.0 Downloads

WOLF is freeware, however, the author, Dan Harvey, retains full copyright privileges to this software. You may install this software on as many computers you want but you may not sell or reverse engineer it for profit. Our hope is that this software prove useful, but we do not provide any guarantees of its suitability for any purpose. By downloading this software, you agree to abide by the terms just described. Please contact Dan Harvey at harveyd@sou.edu if you have questions or comments regarding permissible use.


Windows Systems Windows Installer After the download, click to install The WOLF application
Mac/OS 10.4 or later Systems MAC package install   
After the download, click on the mpkg file. This installer will automatically install the WOLF application and store its components appropriately on your system. It installs the application in the /Applications folder. Documentation installs in /Library/Documentation/wolf1.00, and the software for the handling videeo, along with the XML file for the GOLD ontology will move to the /Library/Frameworks/wolf1.00.framework folder.
Linux Systems Linux .tar.gz bundle   
After the download, uncompress and save in a safe place; wolf-linux is the executable. Make sure that you have Java version 1.5 or later installed on your system. To run WOLF, you need to execute the WOLF jar file (java Ėjar Wolf.jar). To make a symbolic link, use the ln command from the Linux command line.

Additional Notes