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At Lithia Park in Ashland. It looks kind of funny. I think I am looking better than the one in this picture.

Have you seen the movie "The beautiful mind?." The person with me is John Nash, a Nobel Prize winner. This picture was taken at Princeton University, December 2002 by my sister, who is also a mathematician. After this picture taken, John Nash asked my sister if she was seeing me as well. What? Did he think that I might have been a ghost like in that movie?


Ph. D. 1995 Mathematics, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

M. S. 1990 Mathematics, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

B. S. 1984 Mathematics, Sogang Univeristy, Seoul, South Korea

Mathematical Interests/Specialties

My specialties are Probability and Statistics. I have many interests in applications of statistics to other areas such as geostatistics.

Professional Associations

·  American Statistical Association

·  Institute of Mathematical Statistics

·  Sigma Xi Society

Some Photos from my early days at SOU, 2000-2010


§  (Below) 2008 Summer Math 243: One of my best classes. It was a lot of fun.



§  (Below) 2004 Winter Math 361: Probability Theory: At least from my point of view, this is a very fun upper-division probability course. We study topics ranging from univariate to multivariate probability problems. We also study some problems like Gambler's Ruin problems, Buffon’s Needle, Craps, Dart Play, and Missile Simulations, etc. I am hoping to add some components of financial mathematics to the curriculum of this course. The following were taken in Spring term of 2004.


§  (Below) 2005 Winter Term of Math 243 class. On the Valentine day of 2005, a group of Ashland Middle school orchestra team made a surprise visit to my Math 243 statistics classroom to perform two songs. They sat down a while and chat with students in the class. College students asked them “Who like mathematics?” The boy was the only who raised hand. And then the middle schoolers asked college students, “Why do you have to take Math?” There was about ten second pause at that time, nobody saying anything. It was a lot of fun.



§  (Below) George, who is holding a lady dancer, was my statistics student in the Summer term of 2006. He was a professional dancer at the Green Show in Ashland. Can you relate dancing and statistics?

§  (Below)  2007 Summer Math 243 Statistics Class: Very pleasant group of students. The first one was the morning class, and the second the evening class.

6PM Class of 2007 Summer, one of my best

§  (Below)  2007 Winter Term Math 244 Applied Inferential Statistics Class: This is a great course. Those who need to cumulate more significant backgrounds in data analysis should take this course. We study a variety of hypothesis testing, analysis of categorical analysis, multiple regression, and little bit of MANOVA.


§  (Below)  2006 Fall: Math 281: Vector Calculus: This is the most advanced course in the calculus sequence. We studied partial differentiation, directional derivative, tangent surface, parametric surface,  Lagrange Multipliers, Double Integrals, Vector Fields, Line Integrals, Green’s Theorem, Surface Area, Surface Integrals, and MathCAD. The following picture was taken for the class of 2006 Fall term. It was really a fun class that I enjoyed almost perfectly. Todd Regh, the one in the middle with O2 sign in yellow eventually became my Honor’s student and was considered one of the best students every by our math faculty. He moved on to North Carolina State University to do Ph.D. in Statistics in 2009. Lennon Pierce, the tallest in the middle in yellow began graduate studies in Financial Mathematics at Rutgers University in 2011.

Picture 003


§  (Below) 2007 Winter Math 461 Class: Mostly math majors. Cheerful group.


§  2007 Fall Math 105 Class (Below): My first math 105 students, which is for liberal art math. Very fun group of students. I really liked the personalities of these students.


§  2007 Fall Math 281 Vector Calculus class (Below): Mostly math or science majors. Very much dedicated group of students. Not many classes like this at SOU. Was very pleasant to teach them. From left to right beginning the first row: David, Nick, Katelyn, Erin(the only art major), Dustin, Ryan, Cynthia, Ronda, Kaitlin, Me (Daniel), Smith, Alissa, Michael, Chris, Cody, Blaine, Issac, Zach, Camden (ASH senior), James.


§  2011 Spring MATH 461: Advanced Statistics (Below): Front row from left, Joel, Michael, Rosey, Micah, Stephanie, Second row from left, me, Chris, Felicia, Jenifer, Evan.


Daniels 461-2-2011

§  (Below) 2011 On Halloween Day with Stephanie and Caitlin in the isle of Mathematics Department. When my wife saw this photo, she said to me “Do not touch female students. You can be in trouble.”

2011 Haloween Caitlin and Stephanie.bmp


Some Useful Links

·  Math Catalog of SOU

·  TI-83 Statistics Manual in pdf format.

·  TI-86 Statistics Manual in pdf format.

·  TI-89/92+ Statistics Manual in pdf format.

§  Minitab V.15 manual in pdf format

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·  A Mathematical Quotations Server

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