General Biology: Cells

Course Description

Designed for non-biology majors. Covers the organization of cells, including their composition and structure, energy trapping and use, information storage, and mitotic divisions. 3 hours of lecture and one two hour lab each week.

4 Credits

Offered every fall term; usually winter and summer terms also



Fall 2013
Roger Christianson, Ph.D. TR 10:30 – noon in Sc 118


Fall 2013
Roger Christianson, Ph.D.
Carol Ferguson, Ph.D.
Erin Krenzer, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Kathy Nguyen, Graduate Teaching Assistant


Additional Course Information

Dr. Christianson's lecture section (fall 2013)

Laboratory Information

Lab Schedule

Textbooks for All Lecture Sections

Audesirk, Audesirk and Byers, Biology: Life on Earth, with physiology, 9th edition (2011).
Laboratory Manual for General Biology: Cells, 2013 edition.

Additional Text for Dr. Christianson's Section

Christianson, R., Biology 101 Lecture Notes, No. 23

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Systems Biology for Energy and Environment

Human Genome Project Information

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