Biology 103

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Course Description

Designed for non-biology majors. Covers the organization of populations, including Mendelian inheritance patterns, adaptation to the environment, evolution, population growth, communities, ecosystems, and pollution. 3 hours of lecture and one two hour lab each week. Prerequisite: Biology 101; Biology 102 recommended.

4 Credits

Offered every spring term; usually during summers.


Roger Christianson, PhD (academic year)
Carol Ferguson, PhD (summer session)

Erika Hansen, Environmental Education Master's Student
Jenna Raino, Environmental Education Master's Student

Additional Course Information

Dr. Christianson's lecture section


Audesirk, Audesirk, and Byers, Biology: Life on Earth WITH PHYSIOLOGY, 9th Edition (2011)
Laboratory Manual for General Biology: Populations, 2013
Lecture Notes for Dr. Christianson's Students, 2013

Useful Web Pages

On-line Biology Textbook

Mendelian Genetics Practice Problems

The University of Arizona Biology Project:
Mendelian Genetics


Human Genome Project
(Department of Energy)

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man


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